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As one of the leading suppliers of all kinds of concrete and cement-based plastering materials in Abu Dhabi, we make sure that we only deliver the best products to our valued customers. Our products are curated with high-quality raw materials and tested in a fully integrated laboratory equipped with the latest technology and testing facilities. We spend our quality time to inspect our products so that our clients don’t have to.

Normal Concrete

A full range of concrete mixes to suit general requirements such as workability, strength, etc. Mixes use Portland cement – Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Moderate sulphate resisting cement (MSRC), Sulphate resisting cement (SRC) etc.

Green/Durable Concrete

Bi – products from various operations, such as Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA), Micro silica (MS) etc are replaced in certain percentages, from Cement content, towards reducing the carbon foot point, enhance durability, reduce heat of hydration, etc.

High Performance Concrete

Concretes designed not only for high strength, but also sustainability, with specialist applications such as enhanced durability, abrasion resistance, reduced creep and shrinkage, fatigue resistance, enhanced fire resistance, etc.

Waterproof & Water Resistant Concrete

Integral water proofing admixture (Hydrophobic or Hydrophylic) shall be incorporated in the mix to design this products. Waterproof concrete also provides enhanced protection for embedded steel reinforcement against corrosion in aggressive environment application. These are extensively utilised for water retaining structure.

Slip Form Concrete

Specialized concretes for continues casting of core walls, circular tanks, chimneys, storage silos, etc.

Tremie Concrete

Concrete somewhat similar to pumped concrete but placed through a tremie pipe, often used for piling and underwater concreting operations

Architectural Concrete

High quality flat, Profiled, exposed aggregate, colored and white concrete where the emphasis is on the as-struck finished appearance. Any type of finish specially developed to your requirements, especially suitable for prestigious structures and buildings where the facade finishes are of prime consideration. Color pigments shall be selected as per the requirement.

White Concrete

Used for internal - external decorative work, Light reflecting surfaces, precast concrete and surface finishes etc. White cement and white aggregates along with white pigments are major components. This shall be designed as per the requirement.


Wet or semi-dry concreting materials propelled pneumatically against formwork or an existing concrete surface. Used for both new constructions such as free-formed pools, rock stabilization, repair work, etc.

Screeds & Grout

Screeds used at site are designed with 10mm and 0-5mm maximum size of aggregates. Grouts for various applications such as non-shrink, high strength, injections, fillings, etc also available.

Light weight concrete

Light weight aggregates (Perlite) and air entraining admixtures are utilized to achieve even ultra low density concrete ranging from 400 kg/m3 – 2000 kg/m3. Compressive strength of the mixes shall vary with the required density.

Reem Readymix: We make building effortless

The most reliable ready mix concrete in Abu Dhabi.

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